Google Ads & Matomo

Google Ads Smart Bidding without Google Tag

Google Ads to Matomo Conversion Import in order to use Smart Bidding without Google Tag.

Want to synchronize conversions from Matomo to your Google Ads account in order to use Smart Bidding? 

Already using Matomo instead of Google Analytics or do not wish to use a Google Tag on your website and need a solution to synchronize your conversions from Matomo to your Google Ads account?

We have the solution: The hotbytes Matomo to Google Ads Conversion Importer. Any questions about Matomo, web tracking, conversion tracking or Google Ads? Then email us, call us or use our contact form. We will get in touch with you straight away!

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Conversion Tracking without Google Tag

There are two conventional ways to capture conversions in Google Ads:

1. The use of Google Analytics, or the Tag Manager (analytics.js, gtag.js)
2. The use of Google Ads Conversion Tags (gtag.js)

In both cases you need a code snippet from Google in the source code of your page. However, data protection reasons or the refusal to support Google's products may mean that a Google Tag may not, should not or cannot be used. 

Matomo offers itself as a web tracking tool as an alternative to Google Analytics. The self-hosted web tracking tool does not offer as many possibilities as Google Analytics, but for most use cases and evaluations Matomo is sufficient. 
If you have any questions about Google Ads, Matomo, web tracking with Google Analytics or generally about online marketing, please feel free to contact us.

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You should therefore utilize Google Ads Smart Bidding even if you use Matomo

Smart Bidding enables an algorithmic control of Google Ads through artificial intelligence (AI). But AI needs data! We can help you to prepare this data and synchronize it in Google Ads. Save costs and reach your target group demonstrably and quantifiable.

The algorithmic control of Google Ads makes it possible to avoid wastage and to present ads to your target group when they are open for the advertising message. But for this the algorithm needs data – a lot of data. And above all, data on how well your users have achieved their goals. Without Google Tag it has not been possible to synchronize these targets (conversions), such as contact forms, phone calls, or transactions on the website to Google Ads. That meant the use of Matomo in combination with Google Ads was only recommended to a limited extent, especially for larger companies.

The hotbytes Matomo Google Ads Conversion Importer

Our technical connection offers you the possibility to link Matomo with Google Ads and to synchronize the targets from Matomo in Google Ads. This allows the algorithm to be used and the bidding strategy is no longer limited to "maximize clicks", bidding on ad positions or manual bidding.

The ROAS usually improves very quickly and demonstrably after 4 to 6 weeks.

What hotbytes can do for you

We will be pleased to set up the Conversion Importer for you. Plus we will be delighted to offer you comprehensive advice on the topics described here. Besides Matomo and Google Analytics, there are numerous other web analysis tools such as Piwik or Adobe Business Catalyst. – We can advise you about these tools too.

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